Tithing Story

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Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the Lord Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it.

-Malachi 3:10 (NIV), emphasis added

when you feel like quitting,think aboutwhy youstarted.

We have always tithed 10% of our income. I don’t say that to brag, I say it to let you know how important tithing is to our family. There is so much we could do with that 10% each paycheck, but God can do so much more than we could ever imagine. After what happened to us at the beginning of 2015, I will never NOT tithe again.

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I started budgeting our money around June of 2014. I wanted to try to be debt free in four years, but I needed to buy a car. In December of that year we bought a used car with minimal mileage. We knew this purchase would set us back a year, but we also knew it was needed.


At the end of January 2015, we discovered we had spent more money than we were making. I went to Zak to discuss our options. I had a list of expenses we could cut. I could lower the extra amount I was paying on my student loans, we could eat cheaper, cancel the internet, and so on. Almost as soon as the words “We are spending more than we are making” came out of my mouth, Zak said we should double our tithe. That’s right, 20% of our check to God, and cut nothing else.

I began to tear up. Not out of sadness for the lost income, but because in that moment I could see why God placed us together.

The next paycheck I did what we had agreed upon. 20% went straight to tithe. This continued for about two months. Around February my Husband and I did our taxes. We ended up owing about $700. I won’t lie, I was devastated. I was counting on our tax return to pay off some of our loans. Zak and I talked and he helped to calm me down. He reminded me we were good moneywise and I should continue to trust God.

So we continued to double tithe. About a week or two after the tax payment was made, I received a refund check in the mail for about $700. I was overwhelmed. The check was from our insurance. We had paid a bill and then the insurance came through after. I could see God at work in our finances.

Late one night, shortly after the check had arrived, I was looking over our budget and updating the loan amounts on my interest calculator. I logged in to check the amount on one of my student loans and began to cry. Lying in the bed next to me, Zak asked me what was wrong. I could only point to the screen. Since I ran our finances he had no idea what he was looking at except a large amount of money owed on a loan. I wiped my tears, took a deep breath and told him one of my loans, almost the exact amount of our new car loan, had been forgiven. In the blink of an eye it was gone. Zak could only gape at the screen as tears filled his eyes too.

We spent the rest of the night praising God, amazed at what He had done for us.

Since then, we have experienced God’s promise found I’m Malachi over and over again in ways beyond monetary gain. We still tithe 20% and I think we will the rest of our lives.

Please be advised, I am in no way saying if you tithe God will bless you financially and you will have all the money you ever need. This verse, nor any other verse, says if you tithe you will be blessed financially. It states you will be blessed and there will not be enough room to store it.

And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.

-Philippians 4:19 (NIV), emphasis added

By being faithful to God, He has been faithful to us by meeting our needs. One week it was by an unexpected free meal, another week we somehow didn’t need to buy gas. It goes on like that. We have days where we can take a financial blessing from God and, instead of spending on ourselves, we bless others; then there are days God blesses us through others.

I want to challenge you in one of two ways.

  1. If you don’t tithe regularly, then for the next 6 months, take the first 10% of all income and give it to God.
  2. If you do tithe regularly, then for the next 6 months tithe more than you are now.

Test God in this and see Him pour out blessings.


  1. It truly is amazing!

  2. It is amazing what God can do in the way of blessings when you tithe faithfully.

Tithing Story

by | Jun 9, 2016 | 2 comments