Weekly Devotional – Exodus 2 Moses’s Sister

by | Nov 8, 2016

Reading for the week of November 15th

  • Exodus 3

Hello everyone!

For those of you who joined last week, welcome back! And to those who are here for the first time, I am so glad you could join us and I can wait to see what you bring to this devotional.

I want to start off by saying my I could have focused on two different parts of Exodus 2 when I started writing about this week’s devotional; Moses at the well (which will not be highlighted in this post) and Moses’s sister (which I chose to write about in this post).  The former for me showed how we should act toward others, especially those in need. We see in verse 17 where Moses comes to the rescue and helps Reuel’s daughters. If you would like to discuss this portion of Exodus 2 further, head over to the Facebook event page and start up a discussion by posting to the page.

His sister stood at a distance to see what would happen to him.  Then Pharaoh’s daughter went down to the Nile to bathe, and her attendants were walking along the river bank.  She saw the basket among the reeds and sent her slave girl to get it.  She opened it and saw the baby.  He was crying, and she felt sorry for him.  “This is one of the Hebrew babies,” she said.  This his sister asked Pharaoh’s daughter, “Shall I goo and get one of the Hebrew women to nurse the baby for you?”  “Yes, go,” she answered.  And the girl went and got the baby’s mother.

-Exodus 2:4-8 (NIV), emphasis added

I have a younger sister.  When we were growing up we never got along, we fought all the time, and if I am completely honest, I didn’t take care of her like her older sister should have.  We get along much better now and I would do anything for her.  If she called me at 2 AM needing a ride or just someone to talk to, I’d be there for her.

Just as Moses’s sister cared for him and made sure he was taken care of, we are to care for our brothers and sisters.

If anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for his immediate family, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

-1 Timothy 5:8 (NIV), emphasis added

We are to care for our brothers and sisters. Click To Tweet

And not just our biological brothers and sisters.

Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.

-Galatians 6:10 (NIV), emphasis added


We are to help everyone, especially our brothers and sisters in Christ.  So how can you help your family? What are they in need of today? Remember, helping does not always have to be monetary.  How can you help your fellow Christ followers?  Who in your church family needs your help?

Head over to the Facebook Event Page to answer these question or to leave your thoughts on the reading. You can also leave your thoughts in the comments below.  And be sure to read next weeks devotional found at the top of this post and check back on Tuesday for my thoughts on the Weekly Devotional.


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